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Hi, my name is Maximilian Götzfried (he/him)

I'm a freelance software developer specialized in writing native apps for Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS) and helping existing teams dealing with complex code bases.

I have 5 years experience with Swift and 15+ years experience with Objective-C. I started building macOS apps in 2003 and worked with newer Apple platforms (iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS) since they were introduced.

I am always happy to dive into complex challenges and write code that is easy to read, easy to test, and easy to delete.

Are you available?

Yes. I'm ready to talk about new projects. Please contact me at or find me on LinkedIn or XING.

My hourly rate is 100 € plus 19 % tax. I'd be happy to offer you a fixed price if your project has a well-defined scope.

Can you work on-site?

As a father of two kids (6 and 9 years old), i prefer to work remotely. But i can certainly manage to occasionally work on-site, even for multiple days or a whole week, especially around important deadlines.

I live in Gießen (Germany, GMT+1) which you can find on Apple Maps or Google Maps. If you like, we can have our first meetup in my home office. I'd be happy to show you where i live and how i work.

Most of my previous clients were located in Germany and Switzerland, but i'd be happy to work world-wide. I speak English and German.

What is your experience?

I shipped my first software in the late 90s. A software that hacks the binary of Internet Explorer for Mac to hide a specific UI element. Created with ResEdit and published as freeware by a german magazine on CD-ROM.

I started developing Mac apps in 2003. I first focused on developing layout software, written in Objective-C and based on Carbon and ATSUI.

In 2006 i built Liquifile, a file manager with a custom dynamic UI, which you can see in action in an older video. I was awarded by Apple for my work on this app with a Student Scholarship for the WWDC conference 2006 in San Francisco.

In 2010, i wrote two long articles for the first issue of "Mac Developer", a german magazine for Mac developers. I covered two topics: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the newly introduced Grand Central Dispatch.

Starting in 2008, i built mostly iOS apps. Throughout the years i finished over 100 projects for my clients. Here are just a few examples:

All my apps are native apps. I prefer writing code in Swift and Objective-C but i am familiar with C and C++, too. I also know how to write JavaScript for a WKWebView.

I never stop learning new things. That's why i already have experiences with new frameworks like SwiftUI and Combine. I also follow the Swift community very closely. That's why i'm already familiar with recently released repositories like apple/swift-argument-parser and icanzilb/TimelaneCombine.

Can you show me your code?

Sure. Most of my work is closed-source and under NDA but you can find some of my code online:

In 2015 i published a status bar app at mxgzf/MXStatusMenu that i wrote with Swift 1.2 und Xcode 6.3. It was featured in an issue of the MacDevWeekly newsletter and listed on uhub/awesome-swift.

You can also find my code on Stack Overflow: I helped fellow developers to deal with asynchronous tasks and DispatchGroup, borderless NSWindow, and file search implementations.

I recently rebuilt my website using Swift. Take a look at my blog post "Relaunching my website using Swift" where i talk about my experiences and my code decisions. You can find the Swift package for my website on GitHub at mxgzf/ and the generated website at mxgzf/

You can find more of my code in my other blog posts.

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This site was designed with BBEdit and Espresso. The posts are written in Typora. The static site structure was written in Swift and compiled using Publish. It's hosted on GitHub.

My company is a one-man business which i started in 1997. It's full address is Maximilian Götzfried, Schöne Aussicht 22, D-35396 Gießen (Germany), which you can find on Apple Maps or Google Maps. This is where i live with my family and my home office is located. My company is VAT registered with the European Union with USt-ID DE259953327.

You can contact me via email at You can also find and contact me on LinkedIn, XING, Twitter, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.